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Energy Audit Diy - New Green Product

Energy Audits are very popular and great for the Do It Yourself Green Market

diy easy energy audits
... A "Do It Yourself Energy Audit" is FREE, and can
give you BETTER Results than using a Professional.

... It Only Takes 1 Hour (using Common Tools found
around the house) to Perform a Basic Energy Audit
that will show you the Largest Energy Wasters.

... There is a Step-by-Step guide showing you
how to perform your own Home Energy Audit

Wid you know that most Residential Home Energy Audits cost between a few hundred dollars to $300 or even more? And that the home energy audit industry is booming! People are paying a lot of money to have someone tell CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPIES
diy easy energy audits them where their house is wasting money.
as seen on TV
As if the $300+ cost isn't enough, these so called "professionals" are usually just wanting to sell you expensive home improvements. They package this as a benefit to you in using their services, but it is really just a well planned out "sales pitch" to get you to buy new windows, doors, insulation, HVAC or other expensive improvements.
In most cases these expensive fixes save you minimal money and the time to recapture your investment is 10 or more years. This is crazy!  As a homeowner who is trying to save money, you should be focusing on the improvements that will give you the biggest bank for the buck.  Don't get me wrong, if you need a new furnace, then get one. But you should look at all of the energy audit results and decide which improvements are going to give you the best return on your investment.

energy audit customer

The professional energy auditor isn't going to make his commission if he convinces you to put caulking on an old window.  And since most of his profit comes from the "other services" he can offer to sell you, it doesn't make sense for him to suggest cheap and easy fixes to your home.

Most Energy Auditors
Are Just Salespeople
Trying to Upsell You On
Expensive Upgrades

Many energy consultants care more about increasing their commissions and less about helping you with your end goal.  Your goal is probably to cut your energy costs while creating a more comfortable home environment. 

  Here's The Problem: 

  • Energy Audits Can Be Expensive - When you start comparing prices you'll find that most professional energy auditors charge between a few hundred dollars to over $300 on average.
    456"Do It Yourself" Energy Audits for Life (FREE)
  • Quality Is Questionable - Most professional auditors focus on the wrong things. Instead of focusing on the big energy wasters, they often times use their expensive & fancy tools to show you the smallest air leaks that usually don't add up to much.
    4564Find the biggest energy wasters and cheapest fixes.
  • Sales Pitch for Expensive Improvements - Professional auditors often make more money on the "Suggested Home Improvements" than on the original audit. They often recommend the expensive improvements and brush over the easiest and cheapest ones.
    87Avoid the in-home sale pitches, just focus on what saves you the most money.

Why Pay For An Energy
Audit When You Can
"Do It Yourself" with
Tools Found Around The House*

* For someone looking for fast energy wasters, the Starter Kit will quickly show where your home energy is being lost. For the person wanting to dig deeper and find every little energy waster, the Pro Version will go into more detail and requires some tools not everyone will have around the house. The tools we suggest you purchase are under a hundred dollars and can be found at most hardware stores.
The "Easy-Energy-Audits" guide will show you Step-by-Step how to complete a Home Energy Audit.  You will quickly discover obvious and not so obvious energy wasters in your home.

5 Good Reasons To Get

45Professionally Written and Tested - Our guides have gone through years of preparation and testing before being offered for sale.diy easy energy audits
789Easy to Understand and Use - You will find the do-it-yourself guides easy and quick to implement.
7891Fast To Implement - This guide will show you the most critical areas of an energy audit and help you complete the project quickly.
4561Advanced Audit Techniques - We'll show you "tricks of the trade" that even the more seasoned professional energy auditors don't know about.
878100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If you are aren't totally satisfied, just let us know and we'll give you a full refund.

energy audit customer

What is Included in the
Easy-Energy-Audit Guide?

diy easy energy audits This Complete "Do It Yourself"
Energy Audit Has 2 Modules...


Complete Starter Kit     
DIY Home Energy Audit      

diy energy audit starter kit
  • Designed for fast results (1 hour audit)
  • Quickly learn the biggest energy wasters in your house
  • Only need common tools found around the house

Pro Version 
DIY Home Energy Audit

diy energy audit pro version
  • Advanced auditing techniques explained
  • Create your own "Room Blower" Test 
  • Perform a D.I.Y. Infrared Thermographic Room Inspection
  • HVAC, Ductwork Energy Loss Calculator
  • Hot Water Heating
  • Outdoor Auditing
  • Insulation probes and evaluations

Energy Audit Calculatorenergy audit calculator
* Energy Audit Worksheet   and Check List

Bonus Material!

For those who are ready to get started today, the following bonus is for you.
We have a few extra guides that we'll throw in at no extra cost. This information will no doubt help make your home more energy efficient and is a must have. We can't guarantee these will be available if you come back tomorrow, so order now.

easy energy audit bonus guide
Home Buyers Guide

Energy Inspection
Check List

The Home Buyers Guide - Energy Inspection Check List will show you how energy efficient a house is (or isn't) BEFORE you move in. There are hidden energy wasters in every house or apartment but some dwellings are so bad that you may decide not to buy or rent that property.

Don't Let Your Next Home
Be an "Energy Money Pit"

house inspection You will be able to quickly
spot problem areas and know
the right questions to ask.

  • You'll quickly be able to spot the "Energy Money Pit" homes
  • Rate a home's energy efficiency with just a simple walkthrough
  • The 4 most important questions to ask before committing to a new house
  • Gain the upper hand in price negotiations on any home
  • Easy pocket sized check list for you to print off and use
Not Moving Soon? Give this mini guide to a friend that you know is moving, they will thank you!

easy energy audit bonus guide
Top 100 Energy Saving Tips

top 100 energy savings tips

  • Many of the ideas are Easy and Fast to Implement
  • Find dozens of Free & Low Cost Fixes that save a lot
  • Discover the Biggest Energy Wasters and Cheap Fixes

Run Your Home For Free - Solar and Wind Energy Solutions

"Start Using Free, Green Power And Cut Your Home Electric Bill By Over 80%

Energy prices are skyrocketing. I guess that's not news, but here's what most people don't know...

It's going to get worse. Much worse.

You see, our energy comes from fossil fuels — oil, natural gas and coal. Have you see the prices of those things lately? They're scarce. We're running out. And prices are shooting to the moon. That means flipping the light switch in your living room is getting to be crazy costly, and it's going nowhere but up.

But there is some good news...

The "Secret" Free Energy You've Been Missing

Last time you walked outside, did you notice anything? ENERGY! It's all around you in two forms:
  • Sunlight
  • Wind
The amazing thing is, even if you're not a crazy scientist or some kind of genius, you can harness the power of sunlight and wind in your own house. It's easy, and actually pretty simple to understand.

A Simple Technology That Lets You Run Your House For Free

You won't be bored with science you don't care about, but it helps to know just a little.

Energy is electrons. You get those from batteries, or through wires running from the electric company to your house. Those flowing electrons are an electric current, and that's what you send to your light bulbs when you flip the switch... or to your laptop to charge it up... or to your electric cooling system to turn on your air conditioner.

What most people don't know is that it really doesn't matter where you get your electrons. Your local power company sells them, but you don't have to buy from those guys!

All you need to do is find yourself a cheaper electron source. Sunlight and wind will do the job!

Here's a simple explanation of how to turn sunlight into electricity for your home:

Build Your Own Power Supply For Pennies, Drop Off The Grid and Scoff At The Power Company!

Introducing Run Your Home For Free— The Easy, Step-By-Step Guide To Slashing Your Home Electric Bill

Stop fretting over rising energy costs, and start generating your own power for free! That's not science fiction, although it may seem like it. As you've already seen, it's really just taking advantage of what's already there.

The great thing about this is that almost literally everybody on the planet wins when you convert to green energy.

First, you win big, because youdramatically slash your home energy costs. You'll be shocked at how little electricity you get from the grid in the long run. You'll pretty much run your home for free.

But you'll be helping the environment, too. You'll remove the drain of your house on the power grid, which will reduce the fossil fuel demand in your area, which will help save the environment.

By converting to clean green energy, you'll help save the planet and make a profit! What could get any better than that? The Run Your Home For Free guide shows you exactly how to do it, step by step. Here's a small sample of what you're going to get out of this:

Discover the "practical science" behind solar and wind power. Like I said before, you don't have to understand everything. But you'll probably know more about the science behind the good you're doing than anybody else in your neighborhood.
You'll save hundreds of dollars a month and thousands a year.More on this in a minute, but just imagine not having that power bill arrive in the mail every single month. In fact, it's so inexpensive to set this up that it'll pay for itself many times over within a couple months at the outside.
The instructions are so easy, a kid could do it. Really, this is shockingly simple to do. The step-by-step instructions and diagrams make it a snap to build everything you need and hook it up pronto. You don't need a college degree, and you don't even have to be particularly "handy".
When you generate surplus energy... the power company will pay you! That's not a typo. When you put power back on the grid, after you've used all you want, the power company (in most areas) will pay you for that. In other words, your home power system can be another source of income for you!

This is the only guide you'll ever need to learn how you can run your house for free and scoff at your power company... except when they send you your paychecks for surplus energy.

Home Energy Kit - Hot New Energy Product!

Imagine being able to eliminate or drastically reduce your power bill by 80% and at the same time contribute to the ‘go green’ initiative and preserve a cleaner planet for our children…

Home-Energy-Kit.com was created to help you and thousands of others drastically cut or eliminate your power bill entirely!

Economic turmoil, unemployment, global warming, cost of living increases…these are all great reasons to stop wasting money on energy bills and to start thinking about generating your own electricity. Also take into consideration the depletion of all of the resources we now rely on to produce our energy. As these resources disappear so will our money because it will cost more as these resources become more scarce!

Contrary to what the big energy companies want you to believe, this country runs on only 0.2% renewable energy sources which means all of the resources we are using everyday will eventually run out.

Wind and Solar energy are the best possible renewable energy sources and most people don’t know that their entire house could be run on wind and solar energy modules they can make at home themselves! The wind and sun has been around for millions of years and as far as we can see, it will be here for millions more!

Take a look at this graph showing energy consumption by source since the 1850’s!

Why pay thousands of dollars to equip your home with renewable energy producing modules when you can quickly and easily build them yourself and outfit your own home for less than $200?

Fortunately, Home-Energy-Kit.com has everything you need to ‘go green’ and start saving thousands on your energy bills. 

So How Does it Work?

Warren Gilcrest have created both wind power and solar power generators and with the Home-Energy-Kit you are going to get detailed instructions on how to build each one. The choice is yours to build one or the other, or both!

Once you get the guide you will get to pick which power module best suits your geographical location and the size of your home.

Building both systems allows you to generate even more energy!
You will be taken by the hand with my easy to follow guide and shown how to create each of the systems with little effort and the best part is, all the material can be found at your local hardware store or online at sites like eBay!

It’s really that easy!

Warren have put together a very thorough 66 page manual on everything you need to know about building your own natural energy machines right from home. He has included some other ‘go green’ goodies inside the manual that you will love!

Introducing theHome-Energy-Kit!

Inside the Home-Energy-Kit manual, you will receive all the instructions you need to make your own solar and wind energy devices so that you can do your part in saving the planet and reducing our reliance on diminishing natural resources.

Why You Need Your OwnRenewable, Home Made Energy Modules Right Now!